A Soldier Marching to a Different Tune


(This post is for my Theater 155 class.)

Blog #21
Space Marines represent one of the most recognized icons of the tabletop miniature game Warhammer 40,000. Since the game’s creation in 1987, they have gone through some major changes over time.

When first introduced, the pewter-casted Space Marines looked cartoony and not as refined. Their vibrant colors and “simple” design reflected the limited technology of the time and the aesthetics of the ’80s. In the ’90s, both the game and the miniatures received some significant changes. Games Workshop, the company that publishes the game, switched casting models from pewter to PVC plastic. This change in medium, along with advances in miniature technology, allowed for more sophisticated designs. Note how many of the “beak” helmets were replaced with ones sporting face-grilles and how weapons looked more “realistic”. Colors also changed in this time period. The introduction of new painting techniques and washes allowed for more interesting color schemes and combinations.

Nowadays, further improvements on sculpting and molding technology makes for even more detailed miniatures, and a more diverse paint range of base, shading, washes, and metallic paints give the creators and hobbyists alike a wide range of different looks and aesthetics to paint their armies.